Satisfaction of Patients and their Relatives with Ambulance Services


Ambulance services
Emergency Services Patient Satisfaction Scale

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Porsuk, A. Önder, & CERIT, Çiğdem. (2022). Satisfaction of Patients and their Relatives with Ambulance Services. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 24(1). Retrieved from


Background: The satisfaction level of service receivers is recognized as one of the quality indicators of health services.

Objectives: The present study aimed to determine the satisfaction level of service receivers with ambulance services as an important component of health services and the factors affecting this satisfaction.

Methods: The mean score of the scale was obtained at 120.62±10.42 (ranging from 60-130). A positive correlation was found between the age groups and the mean of scale score (rs=0.338; P<0.001). The Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient of the scale was calculated at  0.957.

Results: The mean score of the scale was obtained at 120.62±10.42 (ranging from 60-130). A positive correlation was found between the age groups and the mean of scale score (rs=0.338; P<0.001). The Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient of the scale was calculated at  0.957.

Conclusion: As evidenced by the obtained results, respondents’ overall satisfaction with ambulance services was found to be high. The level of satisfaction was enhanced with respondents’ age. It was concluded that effective measures should be implemented to improve the quality of services by uncovering the major reasons for service receivers’ dissatisfaction. Moreover, it was found that the 112 Emergency Services Patient Satisfaction Scale is reliable and measurement results should be used to improve the services.


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