Comparison of Non-teaching Hospitals and Teaching Hospitals: in Iran as an Integrated Medical Education System and Health Services


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shahidi sadeghi, niusha, & abolghasem gorji, hasan. (2022). Comparison of Non-teaching Hospitals and Teaching Hospitals: in Iran as an Integrated Medical Education System and Health Services. Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal, 24(7). Retrieved from


Background: Hospitals, like other organizations, are complex social systems influenced by elements such as staff, resources, and structures that work to achieve specific goals. In terms of goals and missions, hospitals are divided into teaching and non-teaching categories. There are many differences in the nature and needs of these two types of hospitals that must be considered for proper operation by policy makers and managers.

Objectives: The present study investigated the comparison of non-teaching and teaching hospital in Iran.

Method: a qualitative study was conducted using semi-structured interviews according to an interview guide with 40 Iranian hospital managers and policy makers through a purposive sampling in 2021. Thematic analysis using inductive approach and MAXQDA 10 was used for data analysis.

Results: According to the results Main categories extracted as follows: legal and social responsibility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, supply of resources, empowerment of human capital, goals and mission, external and internal communications, revenue-cost management, organizational structure, customer satisfaction, organizational behavior, clinical and support departments, hospital processes, type and level of services, manpower, performance evaluation, organizing the teaching mission.

Conclusion: complexity and instability of command unity in teaching hospital, understanding the differences of organizational hierarchy, developing a mechanism to cover costs for clients, considering increase the legal and social responsibility of the management team, prioritizing organizational goals, coordinating policy demands with Providing resources, funding the teaching mission, organizing the multiple supervisory organizations, transparent communication between hospital and colleges, understanding the complexity of processes, considering the change of individual and group communication, considering change the performance appraisal system and pay for performance were the practical findings that policymakers should be considered in providing the resources and facilities needed for hospitals based on the type of function.




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