The role of estrogen and progesterone receptors in grading of the malignancy of meningioma


M Taghipour 1 , SM Rakei 2 , * , A Monabati 1 , M NahavandiNejad 1

1 Department of Neurosurgery School of Medicine,Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Fars, Iran

2 Department of Neurosurgery,Nemazee Hospital,Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, [email protected], Fars, Iran

How to Cite: Taghipour M, Rakei S, Monabati A, NahavandiNejad M. The role of estrogen and progesterone receptors in grading of the malignancy of meningioma, Iran Red Crescent Med J. Online ahead of Print ; 9(1):17-21.


Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal: 9 (1); 17-21
Article Type: Research Article




Background: Meningioma is the most common brain benign tumor with a higher prevalence in women. Regarding the conflicting reports on the probable effect of estrogen and progesterone in tumor growth and the putative role of growth during pregnancy, menstruation cycle, luteal phase and contraception, this study was undertaken to evaluate the role of estrogen receptor in relation to meningioma.


Methods: Fifty patients with meningioma were divided into three groups of benign, atypical and anaplastic ones and the presence of estrogen and progesterone receptors for malignancy grading of the tumor was determined using avidine biotine immunohistochemistry method.


Results: Estrogen receptor was not seen in any of these patients. Progesterone receptors were present and significantly more in women and in benign tumor types. The receptor showed no correlation with age, but the malignant type was significantly more frequent in men.


Conclusion: Women with this tumor are suggested to ovoid pregnancy or to be treated before, and not to receive any contraceptive pills containing progesterone. Patients in whom progesterone receptors are present and the tumor removal is incomplete, are anticipated to have medical problems or recurrence, particularly in old age, if the tumor removal is not possible by surgery, anti-progesterone therapy would be beneficial.


Estrogen Progesterone receptor Meningioma Malignancy

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