Research on the Transitional Care Model-based Health Management Protocol for Patients after Sleeve Gastrectomy

Ying Lin; Xinping Wang; Chenchen Wang; Jian Zhou; Jihong Tao; Guoquan Song

Volume 25, Issue 10 , 2023

  Background: Postoperative care after sleeve gastrectomy is critical to a successful outcome because of the increasing popularity of the procedure in the treatment of obesity and related conditions. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a health intervention plan for ...  Read More

Clinical Profile and Quality of Life in Patients with Resistant to Treatment Vitiligo Lesions in Iran: Vitiligo Patients need Medico-psycho-social Assistance

Parvin Mansouri; Mohammadreza Rahbar; Mohammad Ali Nilforouszadeh; Mohsen Shati

Volume 25, Issue 9 , 2023

  Background: Vitiligo is a common chronic disease associated with physical effects, psychological impacts, and impaired quality of life (QoL). Lesions in acral areas are resistant to treatments. Since these areas are exposed and visible, they have a profound effect on patients' self-confidence. Despite ...  Read More

Designing and Psychometric Evaluation of Morbid Obesity Quality of life Questionnaire: A Mixed Methods Study

Negar Yazdani; Farkhondeh Sharif; Nasrin Elahi; Abbas Ebadi; Vahid Hosseini

Volume 22, Issue 11 , 2020

  Background: Morbid obesity negatively affects all aspects of quality of life (QOL); therefore, the assessment of QOL can be a useful criterion to evaluate obesity outcome. Objectives: The present study aimed to design a QOL questionnaire in morbid obesity and assess its validation features. Methods: ...  Read More

Effect of royal jelly capsule on quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis: A double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial

Khodayar Oshvandi; Maryam Aghamohammadi; Farideh Kazemi; Seyedeh Zahra Masoumi; Mehrdokht Mazdeh; Mehdi Molavi Vardanjani

Volume 22, Issue 10 , 2020

  Background: Among the most important chronic diseases is multiple sclerosis (MS) leading to physical disability and decrease in the patients? quality of life. Objectives: The present study aimed to investigate the effect of the royal jelly capsule on the life quality of patients with MS. Methods: This ...  Read More

Effect of Educational Intervention Based on Health-Promoting Self-Care Behaviors Model on Quality of Life, Resilience, and Sense of Coherence in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Victoria Momenabadi; Mohammad Hossein Kaveh; Nouzar Nakhaee; Kambiz Karimzadeh Shirazi; Maryam Dastoorpoor; Behnaz Sedighi

Volume 21, Issue 12 , 2019, Pages 1-15

  Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive central nervous system disease that has an enormous effect on a patient’s quality of life due to physical complications and psychological problems.Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of self-care education program ...  Read More

Effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) on Anxiety and Quality of Life During Pregnancy: A Mental Health Clinical Trial Study

Katayon Vakilian; Fahimeh Zarei; Abed Majidi

Volume 21, Issue 8 , 2019, Pages 1-11

  Background: Pregnancy is a major event in a woman’s life that is associated with conflicting emotions, joy, and anxiety.Objectives: The present study was conducted to assess the effect of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) on women’s anxiety and quality of life during pregnancy.Methods: ...  Read More

Alterations of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor and Creatinine During Ramadan Fasting: A Prospective, Controlled Clinical Trial

Samaneh Khoshandam Ghashang; Imad Hamdan; Ralf Lichtinghagen; Christoph Gutenbrunner; Boya Nugraha

Volume 21, Issue 5 , 2019, Pages 1-5

  Background: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is associated with mood-related symptoms. Fasting can improve mood. However, there was a lack of information about BDNF during prolonged fasting in Summertime in Germany.Objectives: This study aimed to determine (1) the effect of Ramadan fasting on ...  Read More

The Family of People with Multiple Sclerosis: The Process of Family Stress Adaptation

Nina Brki´c-Jovanovi´c; Sanela Slavkovi´c; Mila Beljanski; Ivana Mihi´; Milica Lazi´c

Volume 21, Issue 1 , 2019, Pages 1-7

  Background: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects everyday functioning of individuals with MS, and their family dynamics. Furthermore,MS is a chronic disease with unpredictable course imposing a stressful experience on the entire family. Changes in family functioning patterns are necessary so that they can ...  Read More