Ultrasonography Techniques for Atherosclerosis Assessment: A Narrative Review

Lin Gan; Zhoupeng Wu

Volume 25, Issue 7 , 2023

  Ultrasound is very important for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular emergency patients. In recent years, the number of deaths caused by atherosclerosis, represented by ischemic heart disease, has increased rapidly and become a very important part of emergency medicine. This article aimed to review ...  Read More

Assessment of Calcified Carotid Artery Plaques on Digital Panoramic Radiographs of Middle-aged and Older Asymptomatic Persons in a Turkish Subpopulation and Associated Risk Factors

Guldane Magat; Ali Riza Tuncdemir

Volume 21, Issue 6 , 2019, Pages 1-7

  Background: Vascular calcifications caused by atherosclerosis are frequently observed, especially in aortic and carotid arteries, with large and elastic characteristics. Early detection of calcification in these arteries can play an important role in reducing the clinical pathologies where atherosclerosis ...  Read More