Challenges of Maintaining the Quality of Hospital Services during the Coronavirus Pandemic in Iran

nasrin moradi; asgar aghaei Hashjin; Aidin Aryankhesal

Volume 25, Issue 12 , 2023

  Background: Hospitals are the main providers of health services during an epidemic. Given their involvement in human life, it is especially vital that they maintain consistent high-quality services. Objectives: This study aimed to identify the challenges in the resilience of hospital service quality ...  Read More

Investigating the Resilience of Bandar Abbas Neighborhoods against Disaster

Mojtaba Salimi; Ahmad Soltani; Hamid Haghighi; Mehrdad Taheri; Abbas Aminizadeh; Tayeba Salimi; Milad Ahmadi Marzaleh

Volume 25, Issue 8 , 2023

  Background: Urban planning and urban planning activities have increased the pressure on nature and weakened its resilience, often bringing negative and even irreparable consequences.Objectives: One of the most important issues in urban management in recent years is the emergence of resilient cities. ...  Read More

Role of Environmental Determinants in Community Resilience in Flood: A Systematic Review

Mohammad Hassan Ehrampoush; Ghader Ghanizadeh; Hossein Kardan Yamchi; Sayyed Morteza Hosseini Shokouh; Mohammad Taghi Ghaneian

Volume 24, Issue 5 , 2022

  Background: The role of environmental determinants in the community's resilience in flood, as a predominant hydrological disaster, has not been investigated. Objectives: This systematic review aimed to discuss the role of environmental determinants on communities' resilience in floods using the Preferred ...  Read More

The Influence of Organizational Culture on Resilience by Mediatory Effects of Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction, and Burnout in Nurses: Structural Equation ModelingModeling

Habib Allah Aghaei; Zahra sadat Asadi

Volume 22, Issue 6 , 2020

  Background: Organizational culture is the most essential tool of an organization to increase the resilience of personnel in a health- care system. Promoting organizational culture is an effective factor in increasing job satisfaction and reducing psychological bur- den, and burnout in nurses. Objectives: ...  Read More

Effect of Educational Intervention Based on Health-Promoting Self-Care Behaviors Model on Quality of Life, Resilience, and Sense of Coherence in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Victoria Momenabadi; Mohammad Hossein Kaveh; Nouzar Nakhaee; Kambiz Karimzadeh Shirazi; Maryam Dastoorpoor; Behnaz Sedighi

Volume 21, Issue 12 , 2019, Pages 1-15

  Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a progressive central nervous system disease that has an enormous effect on a patient’s quality of life due to physical complications and psychological problems.Objectives: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of self-care education program ...  Read More