Assessment of Positive Airway Pressure Treatment Adherence and Sleep Quality in Sleep Apnea Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic: Multi-center Cross-sectional Study Results

C?gdem Ozdilekcan; Hikmet Firat; Ahmet Ugur Demir; Melike Banu Yuceege; Bulent Devrim Akcay

Volume 25, Issue 3 , 2023

  Background: Patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), related to their disease consequences and treatment modalities, are physically and mentally vulnerable during the outbreak. Objectives: To investigate the association between pandemic-related changes and positive airway pressure (PAP) adherence ...  Read More

Vasoactive Inotropic Score for Predicting Pediatric Tracheostomy

Musa Silahli; Mehmet Tekin

Volume 24, Issue 10 , 2022

  Background: Although tracheostomy is not performed as frequently as in adults, it is also used in children. There is no clear consensus on timing and risk factors, especially in early infancy and in cases who underwent cardiac surgeries. In the early infancy period, pediatric cardiac surgery patients ...  Read More

Ability of Laboratory Findings upon Admission to Predict Lung Involvement and Its Severity in COVID-19 Patients Requiring Hospitalization

Yusuf Ata; Ahmet Kagan As; Mesut Engin; Nurcan Kacmaz Kat; Tirdad Setayeshi; Sad?k Ahmet Sunbul; Cuneyt Eris; Ufuk Ayd?n; Filiz Ata; Tamer Turk

Volume 23, Issue 10 , 2021

  Background: The struggle of humanity with Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection, which affected the whole world and caused severe social and health crises, continues without deceleration. Objectives: This study aimed to determine the relationship between the abnormal laboratory parameters upon ...  Read More

Cariogenic Dietary and Toothbrushing Practices of Children During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Damla Aksit Bicak

Volume 23, Issue 3 , 2021

  Background: The implemented COVID-19 prevention measures exert negative effects on childrens nutrition and education, with approximately 1.5 billion children kept away from schools during this time. Objectives: The present study aimed to assess the changes in toothbrushing and cariogenic dietary practices ...  Read More

Evaluation of Training Program for Nursing Students on Testicular Cancer and Testicular Self-Examination


Volume 23, Issue 1 , 2021

  Background: Testicular self-examination (TSE) is one of the most effective ways for the early detection of testicular cancer. The Medical Association and American Urological Association recommend raising the awareness of TSE and educating the public in this regard for early diagnosis. Objectives: The ...  Read More