Comparing the Impact of Multimedia and Educational Brochures on Knowledge, Attitude and Work Performance of Healthcare about COVID-19 Management in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Breastfeeding

bahiye amiri

Volume 25, Issue 11 , 2023

  Background: In times of pandemic and quarantine, it is necessary to use new educational methods. The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of multimedia and booklet educational methods on knowledge, attitude, and job performance of healthcare providers in community health centers regarding ...  Read More

Investigation of Barriers and Facilitators of Covid-19 Vaccine Injection from the Perspective of People in Yazd in 2022

Ommol-Banin Sarkari; Najmeh Baghian; Akram Yazdani; Fahimeh Kargar Shouroki; Hojjat Ghaffari; Nahid Hosseini Dargani; Roohollah Askari

Volume 25, Issue 4 , 2023

  Background: Vaccination and observing hygienic measures were rendered necessary due to the spread of the Covid-19. Yet, in spite of the effective and immunizing role of vaccines in the past, hesitancy about undergoing vaccination against Covid-19 has become a global issue. Objectives: The present study ...  Read More

Knowledge and Attitude of Cancer Patients Companions towards Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy-induced Oral Complications and Dental Considerations

Maryam Jalili Sadrabad; Farahnaz Ghahremanfard; Shabnam Sohanian; Maede Mobarhan; Anahid Nabavi; Elham Saberian

Volume 25, Issue 2 , 2023

  Background: Although Knowledge of the side effects of cancer treatments is crucial for everyone, it is more vital for patients' companions. Since they can significantly improve patients' attitudes towards cancer treatments and help them tolerate the disease; Objectives: In this study, we aimed to examine ...  Read More

Mask Use Scale: A Scale Development Study

Rojjin Mamuk; Melike Di?siz

Volume 25, Issue 1 , 2023

  Background: The correct use of face masks is one of the most effective ways to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory infections. Objectives: The present study aimed to develop a valid and reliable measure to assess attitudes and behaviors related to face mask use in social settings. Methods: ...  Read More

Hospital Characteristics and Nursing Attitude toward Organ Donation

Yazdan Abdolmohammadi; Mahla Nabi; Keihan Mostafavi; Mojtaba Mokhber Dezful; Seyed Mohammad Reza Nejatollahi; Fariba Ghorbani

Volume 24, Issue 3 , 2022

  Background: In our organ procurement unit, based on empirical evidence, the chance of turning a potential donor into an actual one is less than 30 percent and nursing plays a crucial role in this regard. Objectives: We aimed to clarify nursing viewpoints and probe limitations that affect the organ donation ...  Read More

Knowledge, Attitude, Fear, and Practice towards Coronavirus Disease-2019 Preventive Measures among Iranian Dentists

Isa Mohammadi Zeidi; Banafsheh Mohammadi Zeidi

Volume 23, Issue 8 , 2021

  Background: Dentists are more at risk of respiratory infectious diseases, compared to other Health Care Workers (HCWs). Objectives: This study aimed to determine the relationship of knowledge, attitude, and fear with Coronavirus Disease-2019 (COVID-19) preventive measures amongst Iranian dentists. Methods: ...  Read More

Scabies Among High School Students in Accra, Ghana: Risk Factors and Health Literacy

Masood Maleki Birjandi; Mahbobeh Oroei; Seyed Naser Emadi; Ali Asghar Peyvandi; Abraham Kwabena Anang

Volume 21, Issue 8 , 2019, Pages 1-8

  Background: Scabies is one of the most common itchy dermatoses in school students. The scabies incidence is dependent on per- sonal hygiene and social factors.Objectives: This study aimed to determine the scabies prevalence and health literacy among high school students.Methods: This cross-sectional ...  Read More