Prioritizing Pre-hospital Emergency Risks and Preparedness According to the Health Response Program in Rasht, Iran in 2019

Rohoollah Askari; Mohsen Pakdaman; Mohammad Zarezadeh; Ebrahim Salmani; Payman Asadi; Ahmad Dehghan; Hossein Fallahzade; Alireza Jahandideh Zamidani

Volume 24, Issue 12 , 2022

  Background: Hazards have always been considered a threat to human life and preparedness to deal with risks for pre-hospital emergency as the first line of care and treatment is highly significant. Pre-hospital emergency (clinical) deals with different natural and man-made hazards which cause various ...  Read More

Spatial Analysis of Geographic Distribution and Accessibility of Suspected Acute Stroke Patients Transferred to Acute Stroke Centers by Emergency Medical Services in Tehran, Iran: A Cross-Sectional Study

Pir-Hossein Kolivand; Hassanali Faraji Sabokbar; Peyman Saberian; Mahdi Bahmanabadi; Parisa Hasani-Sharamin; Alireza Baratloo

Volume 22, Issue 7 , 2020

  Objectives: We intended to map the geographical distribution of patients with acute stroke who called the Tehran EMS center based on the geographic information of the incident location on a map. The distributions of these centers and patients access within a standard period were evaluated. Methods: ...  Read More

Prevalence of PTSD Symptoms Among Iranian Red Crescent Disaster Workers Participated in Rescue and Collection Operation of the Tehran - Yasuj Airplane Crash

Shirali Kheramin; Iman Shakibkhah; Majid Ashrafganjooie

Volume 21, Issue 10 , 2019, Pages 1-8

  Background: The airplane crash is one of the most catastrophic events that may lead to extensive damage. The Tehran - Yasuj air- plane crash was one of these disasters that took place on 18 February 2018 in Dena mountains in the south of Iran and resulted in the death of all 66 passengers and staff.Objectives: ...  Read More