Evaluation of the Psychometric Properties of the Malaysian Version of Ottawa Decisional Conflict Scale among Cardiovascular Patients Undergoing Major Surgery

Kuah Lee Peng; Tang Li Yoong; Ng Chin Jerk; Samira Mohajer; Mohammad Namazi Nia

Volume 24, Issue 8 , 2022

  Background: The Ottawa Decisional Conflict Scale (ODCS) is one of the initiatives developed to determine the information about the patient's decision and the factor that influence the decision made. Therefore, a systematic and structured process of decision-making can express the difficult action to ...  Read More

Factors Influencing Stress Perception among Hemodialysis Patients: a Systematic Review

Thalwaththe Gedara Nadeeka Shayamalie Gunarathne; Tang Li Yoong; Khatijah Lim Abdullah; Nishantha Nanayakkara; Lim Soo Kun; Samira Mohajer

Volume 24, Issue 6 , 2022

  Context: Stress is a common comorbid disorder among hemodialysis patients, and diverse factors contribute to stress perception in such individuals. Although numerous findings have been consistent across the literature, there has been a lack of consensus on which factor is the most influential on stress ...  Read More

Development of a Geriatric Nursing-Specific Mini-CEX and Evaluation of the Professional Competence of Nursing Students: A Novel Approach to Clinical Evaluation in Implementing Case Study

Samira Mohajer; Li Yoong Tang; Mei Chan Chong; Mahmoud Danaee; Seyyed Reza Mazlum; Nasser Bagheri

Volume 24, Issue 5 , 2022

  Background: Geriatric nursing is professional holistic care that requires special attention and the development of professional competence. No valid and reliable tool exists to evaluate professional geriatric competencies (PGC) of nursing students in professional practice which remains a debatable issue ...  Read More

Evaluation of Professional Self-Concept and its Relationship Factors: A Study among Nursing Students in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Samira Mohajer; Li Yoong Tang; Mei Chan Chong; Mahmoud Danaee; Seyyed Reza Mazlum; Nasser Bagheri

Volume 23, Issue 12 , 2021

  Background: Professional self-concept (PSC) is an important issue concerning the nursing profession and is reflected as the key concept in nursing professionalism. Although previous studies investigated this concept and its related factors among nursing students, their results showed no consensus. Objectives: ...  Read More