A comparison of the antidotal effects of three oximes against an organophosphate on chick skeletal muscle

Gholamreza Reza Poorheidari; Mahdi Mashhadi Akbar Boojar

Volume 23, Issue 4 , 2021

  Background: One of the most toxic effects of organophosphorus poisoning (OP) is the paralysis of skeletal muscles. The oximes are a group of available antidotes. This study investigated the effects of different concentrations of paraoxon on the function of skeletal muscle and reversal or prevention of ...  Read More

A Comparison between Neuromuscular Effects of Parathion and Paraoxon on Chick Biventer Cervicis Nerve-Muscle and the Reversal of their Effects by Pralidoxime

Gholamreza Poorheidari; Alireza Shahriary; Mahdi Mashhadi Akbar Boojar

Volume 23, Issue 2 , 2021

  Background: It is generally believed that the anticholinesterase effect is induced by the organophosphate insecticide parathion only through its bioactive metabolite (i.e., paraoxon) that is created in the liver.      Objectives: This study aimed to evaluate the intrinsic anticholinesterase ...  Read More

Interactive Model of Disaster risk & Disaster management: The Egg Model

Gholamreza Poorheidari; Mahdi Mashhadi Akbar Boojar; Ahmad Soltani

Volume 22, Issue 8 , 2020

  Background: A conceptual model is always a suitable way to show the relationship between the different components of a process or among different processes. In the field of incident management, there are several models. However, there is almost no simple, natural, conceptual model to show the relationship ...  Read More