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Effect of Educational Package on Self-care Behavior, Quality of Life, and Blood Glucose Levels in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Havin Zandinava 1 , Fahimeh Sehhatti Shafaei 2 , Sakineh Mohammad-Alizadeh Charandabi 3 , Solmaz Ghanbari Homayi 4 and Mojgan Mirghafourvand 3 , *
Authors Information
1 MSc in Midwifery, Department of Midwifery, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, International Branch Aras, Tabriz, Iran
2 Assistant Professor of Midwifery Group, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
3 Associate Professor of Midwifery Group, Social Determinants of Health Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
4 PhD Student in Midwifery, Department of Midwifery, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran
Article information
  • Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal: April 2017, 19 (4); e44317
  • Published Online: February 13, 2017
  • Article Type: Research Article
  • Received: November 26, 2016
  • Revised: January 1, 2017
  • Accepted: January 8, 2017
  • DOI: 10.5812/ircmj.44317

To Cite: Zandinava H, Sehhatti Shafaei F, Mohammad-Alizadeh Charandabi S, Ghanbari Homayi S, Mirghafourvand M. Effect of Educational Package on Self-care Behavior, Quality of Life, and Blood Glucose Levels in Pregnant Women with Gestational Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Iran Red Crescent Med J. 2017 ; 19(4):e44317. doi: 10.5812/ircmj.44317.

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1. Background
2. Methods
3. Results
4. Discussion
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